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Barbie Dolls 3 story Modern Dreamhouse - KidKcraft Dollhouse Unboxing Assembly Full house Tour

Barbie Dolls 3 story Modern Dreamhouse - KidKcraft Dollhouse Unboxing Assembly Full house Tour

Barbie Dolls 3 story Modern Dreamhouse - KidKraft Uptown Dollhouse Assembly Full house Tour including 5 rooms and a Rooftop Patio and Backyard Pool.

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Barbie Disney High School Musical Playset Doll house - Barbie Cheerleader Dolls

Unboxing and setting up the Barbie Disney High School Musical School House with Jojo Siwa's Doll Locker and New Cheerleader dolls. This School Dollhouse has a cafeteria, gym, classrooms and...

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Barbie Doll Mc Donalds Drive Thru Restaurant - Playing with Dolls

Barbie Mc Donalds drive thru and restaurant playset is one of the best Barbie Toy videos I ever made! This compilation is sure to entertain. This playset is so much fun. You can pretend to...

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Barbie Doll Hair Style Salon - play baby dolls hair cut, hair wash, hair curl in Barbie salon shop

PlayToys channel creates kid friendly and fun videos for girls, for kids and small children with doll stories. Pretend play with Barbie, Chelsea, Skiper, Anna, Elsa, Anya, Elsia, Annabelle,...

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Barbie Doll Supermarket Shopping Chelsea Baby Dolls! Play Barbie Girl Grocery Shop toys! Play Dolls!

barbie girl morning routine in the barbie dream house dollhouse. barbie bedroom and barbie glam bathroom, dressing up and getting baby doll Chelsea ready for Supermarket Shopping. Barbie Doll...

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Barbie Doll Mini Mart - Playing Grocery Store & Supermarket Toys

Playing with the barbie mini-mart grocery store playset! Unboxing the barbie supermarket and setting it up adding grocery miniatures. Barbies mini mart comes with a working scanner to roleplay...

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Barbie Chelsea's Fun Adventures - Doll Stories

Barbie's little sister Chelsea is so funny and fun! Follow chelsea in these barbie toy episodes. Chelsea goes to school with her classmates, host a bake sale. Gets her ears pierced for the...

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Barbie Doll Gymnastics Lesson! Play Barbie Baby Dolls morning routine 4 FOOTBALL, Soccer, Ballet!

Barbie Doll morning routine for sports day with baby doll Chelsea. Barbie girl and baby dolls pink bedroom dress up with doll wardrobe closet and barbie glam bathroom routine for the morning....

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Scientist Barbie Dolls Create A Blob & Ice Girls Monster High Doll in Lab - Toy Video

These scientist Barbies are working hard in the lab to Create A Monster! Create Your own dolls with this Monster High Create A Monster (CAM) add on Blob and Ice Monster set. Comes with legs...

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Barbie Doll Morning Routine for Sports Day w/ baby dolls Chelsea & Annabel in Dollhouse & Pink Car

WBarbie doll & BArbie gill morning routine in barbie bedroom and barbie bathroom in the dollhouse. baby dolls annabel and chelsea play in barbie bath tub in the glam bathroom . Barbie ready...

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Barbie Doll bedroom dollhouse bathroom toy* play Barbie baby doll morning routine pink car scooter

Barbie doll morning routine in barbie bedroom and barbebi bathroom. play baby barbie girl dollhouse and doll furniture with pink car toy and scooter toy. kids how to pretend play with dolls...

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Ken Proposes to Barbie in The Dollhouse Christmas Party - Barbie Wedding Dress

Barbie throws a Christmas dinner party in the hello dream house dollhouse. Barbie and her sisters decorate with lights and Christmas trees! They are very excited since they invited all their...

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Huge Barbie Toys Holiday Unboxing - Doll Grocery Store, Ballerina Set, Barbie Doll Dress up Toy

Huge Barbie Toy Opening and play video with brand new barbie 2017 Barbie 2018 toys for the holiday season. We open a new barbie grocery store supermarket playset, a Barbie ballerina doll dancing...

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Barbie Doll House Dinner Party for Ken - Grocery Store & Barbie Pink Bedroom

Barbie is sleeping in her pink bedroom when her boyfriend calls her and wakes her up. Ken' s Mom is coming to visit. Barbie freaks out she needs to clean up the house and cook dinner and has...

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Barbie Winter Holiday Morning Routine - Making a Snowman!

Barbie is in her Hello dream house! sleeping when chelsea wakes her up! Barbie Barbie wake up! Barbie goes to her pink bathroom and brushes her teeth! a huge surprise is waiting for her. Its...

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Barbie Doll Morning Routine Dress Up Pink Bedroom - Dolls Birthday Party w/ Presents by Play Toys!

Barbie Doll morning routine dress up in barbie pink bedroom with doll wardrobe closet with fancy dresses. Barbie girl birthday party with presents from Ken and barbie dolls. Pretend play with...

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Barbie & Ken Princess Pink Doll House Rapunzel Morning Routine 😱

Barbie Rapunzel Princess Bedroom Morning Routine غرفة نوم باربي رابونزيل Barbie rosa Quarto Thanks for watching! Barbie princess bedroom - princess Barbie Barbie house...

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Barbie Sisters Decorate The Christmas Tree and Wrap Presents

Barbie and Her Sisters decorate their Christmas tree and the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse for the holidays!. Skipper, Chelsea, and Stacie picked out an awesome tree! They put all kind of ornaments...

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Barbie Doll School! Elsa toddler classroom for baby dolls & teacher Anna gets ready to teach class

Teacher Anna doll, from Frozen, sets up her classroom for her students including Elsa toddler, Jasmine toddler and Barbie Chelsea dolls. The pretend play classroom has backpacks, lockers, desks,...

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Barbie Jojo Siwa Doll Bedroom School Morning Routine - Titi Toys Dolls

Jojo Siwa Doll from the hits Boomerang and kid in a candy store morning routine in her barbie doll bedroom. We decorate barbie doll bedroom with unicorns, cupcakes and bows just like jojo...

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Giant Box of Barbie Dolls (Quinceañera, Pool Chic, Festival More) Haul Video

Giant haul of collector barbies that are ready to party? Which dolls are inside? Wow Shopkins season 7 surprise blind bags too! Don't forget to subscribe!! It's free. Never miss a video! http://bi...

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Coloring Barbie Doll Clothing Crayola Marker Craft Kit - Cookie Swirl Toy Video

Color and create colorful Barbie doll clothing with this Crayola craft kit. Use the markers and color in rainbow fun on the dresses, shorts, tops and more! Surprise! It's a Season 8 Shopkins...

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Barbie Girl, Ken & Baby Dolls trip to Disneyland! Play Barbie family morning routine for Playground!

barbie doll and ken wake up in the barbie dream dollhouse. barbie get baby dolls chelsea and skipper ready for outdoor playground. barbie family after the morning routine with dress up and...

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Barbie Doll Pink Spa Morning Routine - Color Change Make Up & Nail Polish

Barbie pink spa morning routine, getting her make up done, a facial and nail polish color change barbie doll for kids. We have so much fun in the barbie beauty salon toy giving barbie a make...

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First Time Falling Off A Horse ! Barbie Dolls Ride Schleich Horses Video

Barbie On The Go dolls are ready to go horseback riding on Schleich horses at the farm. Wait! One girl doesn't know how to ride very well. She falls off her horse for the first time! Don't...

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Barbie Pop Out Camper 2017 New - Barbie Dolls Morning Routine in Dream Camper Van

The New 2017 Barbie Dream Camper : Barbie Pop Out Camper Unboxing and Tour , also Barbie Dolls Morning Routine in Barbie Pop Out Camper Barbie Pop Up Camper 2015 http://barbie-dolls.purzuit.com/video/L.html...

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Baby Elsa and Chelsea Put SLIME in Barbie Dolls Pool - Silly Slime Prank

Pool Party at Barbies dream house with Elsa Anna and their toddlers. Chelsea loves to swim in the water, Toddler Elsa swims using her floaties. The kids love water play and the splash zone....

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Barbie Chelsea School Bus Field Trip to Candy Factory!

Barbie's little sister Chelsea goes on a school field trip with her classmates to the candy factory. Barbie teacher takes her students to the candy factory to see how candy is made and packaged....

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Barbie Pink Bedroom Bath Morning Routine - Princess Doll Dancing Ballerina Play Set

Barbie Doll morning routine in her pink princess bedroom and bath. Barbie wakes up and eats her delicious breakfast than takes a bath in her pink tub, puts on her make up and brushes and styles...

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Biggest Haul Giant Box of The Coolest Barbie Dolls Tall, Petite, Curvy Fashionistas

Giant Haul of Barbie!!! This big box is full of Fashionistas that come in all different sizes, shapes, and styles just like real people (petite, curvy, tall, long hair, short hair, dark hair,...

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Barbie Doll Kitchen Set up 4 Tea party w/ Disney Princess Rapunzel, Belle, Ariel! Play Kitchen toys

Barbie doll is setting up new doll kitchen for tea and dinner party with her best friends Disney Princesses Rapunzel, BElle, Ariel.Kids how to pretend play with dolls and kitchen toys and play...

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Barbie Dolls Head Twist Changing Hair Style Color Change Hair - Toy Video

These Barbie dolls are ready to preform on stage but they still need to get ready! By twisting their heads you can change the color of their hair! Too cool. Wow another doll you can twist her...

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